So…what is perkup?

PerkUp is a workplace-based rewards program that “perks” employees with cash and prizes as they improve their personal financial knowledge and make healthy financial decisions. PerkUp engages employees in planning for their financial future, which helps reduce existing administrative costs for employers.

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PerkUp Employee Wellbeing

We know financial stress takes its toll on employee productivity, so we use behavioral finance techniques and incentives to engage employees in building their financial confidence. Our best-in-class financial education modules and exclusive credit building products and services have proven results - reduced absenteeism, higher retention rates and overall improvement in employee wellbeing.

Employee Satisfaction!

Weekly cash prizes and other incentives boost employee engagement and overall satisfaction. Not only is the PerkUp program fun and exciting, but helps improve financial literacy – teaching employees how to better manage their paychecks, develop budgets, improve retirement savings and increase overall employee health and wellness.


Employee Financial Awareness

How many of your employees are retirement ready? Not as many as you would like to see. The PerkUp program introduces employees to important financial concepts that helps them at every level. PerkUp educates and rewards them for increasing their savings, reducing 401k loans and improving overall financial knowledge.