So…what is perkup?

PerkUp is a rewards program with a mission – we help you earn cash and prizes aka “perks” while improving your financial wellbeing. With the PerkUp technology platform, your employer and a collaboration of mission-aligned partners deliver a wide array of innovative financial products and services to employees.  You and your fellow employees will have access to fun and challenging financial games, quizzes and exclusive access to innovative savings products as part of your employer benefit package.

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Perkup Your Savings

Save it, buddy. With the PerkUp CashStash account, you’ll have huge opportunities to save for emergency expenses. Just open your dedicated emergency savings account (aka “PerkUp CashStash”) and you’ll unlock a hefty cash signup bonus plus special perks every month for building your emergency savings.

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Piggy Bank

Perkup Your Wallet

Can you say “cash and prizes every month”? After a simple sign up, you’ll be part of the PerkUp family, eligible for guaranteed prizes each month. And only PerkUp members have exclusive access to 1-on-1 financial coaching, innovative savings products, emergency cash grants and free emergency loans…so sign up and get started today.

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Perkup Your Brain

We know there are financial goals in that smart head of yours, so we’ve designed fun and engaging financial tools to help you save and dare we say… learn how to make the best decisions as you navigate through the financial wilderness of life. From money personality quizzes to retiring in style, every financial lesson is “perkable”. You’ll always earn as you learn. Ready to test just how frugal you are? Let’s get going…don’t worry, we’re paying.

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