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General Questions

• There are two ways to be in touch - by phone (844-737-5871) during normal business hours and by email ([email protected]). If you'd like to send us feedback on our services or even give us a piece of your mind in writing (good or bad) - first unfurrow that brow of yours, breathe in and out three times and then type away.

PerkUp is committed to our member privacy and security. The PerkUp website is secure the address bar says "https://" before the URL (note the "s" for secure sockets layer, or encryption). When you see both of these characteristics, all communication provided on the website you are on is encrypted and secure.

A minimum of 128-bit SSL encryption for all data communications is standard on our site. A minimum of 256-bit encryption technology for all user data storage including 24x7 physical security at our redundant tier-1 data centers.

Perkup does not require any identifiable personal information from members when they enroll (ex: Social Security numbers, mailing address, etc)

The program is open to all employees of participating employers. Our credit union partners are bringing PerkUp to employers near and far, so stay tuned and we'll keep you updated if your employer is not currently offering the program.

It's easy - login at and enter your id and password and choose MY PROFILE in the upper left-hand corner.

LoyaltyLoan Questions

PerkUp LoyaltyLoan is a fast, responsible loan of up to $2,000 offered in partnership with your credit union. Employees apply online for loans up to 18 months to help build credit, cover short term needs, avoid high-cost alternatives and 401k borrowing. Loan decisions are instant pending final employment and identity verification.

The PerkUp LoyaltyLoan is available to all employees who work for a company offering PerkUp through their credit union partner. Employees must have worked at a participating employer for a minimum tenure to qualify.

Rates vary depending on sponsor credit union, not to exceed 17.99%.

$500 min --$2,500 maximum. This depends on your salary as well as other factors.

All loans are funded by socially responsible credit unions that offer their products through employers. PerkUp assists credit unions with online technology and helps with the approval process. Once approved, your loan is managed by your local credit union.

Yes, our credit union partners report all payments to the major credit bureaus which may help to increase your credit score.

Third party credit check is required, but is not dependent for making loan decisions for the PerkUp LoyaltyLoan.

The initial application typically takes 5-10 minutes. At that point, you'll know if you've been pre-approved for funding pending final verifications.

Final loan decisions are generally made within 24-48 hours. You can log on to to find a customized dashboard that will contain your loan application status.

We process approved loans daily. Most banks will post the funds to your account by the next business day (excluding bank holidays, of course).

CashStash Questions

It’s a savings account that is “Perkable”-- you’ll earn cash and prizes as you save. PerkUp NestEgg is offered by our sponsoring credit unions. The account can be set up to automatically save a fixed percentage of each paycheck through direct deposit.

As part of the sign-up process, you’ll authorize a direct deposit of either a fixed amount or a percentage of your paycheck to be designated for savings. You or your employer will set up the deduction, which usually takes one or two pay periods.

Yes, you can. If your payroll is not employee directed, just contact your human resources or payroll department.

Any employee of a participating employer in the PerkUp program is eligible. There are no other restrictions.

It varies based on the sponsoring credit union’s policies.

No, the accounts are all held with our sponsoring credit union.