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So…what is perkup?

PerkUp is a workplace-based financial wellness program offered online and through an on-site kiosk, sponsored by a local credit union. Employees have access to a suite of financial education tools, financial services and products offered by the sponsoring credit union, including a fully automated online platform for opening new accounts and obtaining personal loans.

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perkup Your Membership

PerkUp rewards your members with weekly cash and prizes as they improve their personal financial knowledge and make healthy financial decisions. The online learning portal is co-branded with your logo and creates continuous engagement with current and prospective members. PerkUp builds credit union goodwill while providing continuous product awareness and cross selling opportunities.

perkup Employer SEGS!

PerkUp provides employers and their employees with a valued rewards program that helps your credit union strengthen existing SEG relationships and build new ones. The innovative and fun program pairs proven financial education modules with exclusive product offerings sponsored by you! Employers love the program because it helps their employees reduce personal financial stress, improve absenteeism and retention rates and provide alternatives to costly 401k and payday loans. By sponsoring the program, you'll be positioning your credit union as an innovative leader in the industry.

perkup Your Lending

Our cloud-based lending technology platform is specifically designed for the workplace. It was built for both its flexibility and speed. PerkUp provides everything needed to successfully originate, underwrite, document and fund credit decisions within 48 hours. Our credit platform helps credit unions build a strong lending program without building or buying expensive technology or costly licenses. Call us to learn more about our innovative PerkUp Quick Loan platform and how to implement it throughout your employer SEGs.