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Are You Suffering From Financial Stress?

High levels of financial stress is a common factor in today’s society. Many people are worried about meeting monthly expenses, and reports show that people are kept up throughout the night concerned about their financial situation.

A 2014 report by the American Psychological Association showed money has been the most common source of stress for Americans since 2007, followed by work, the economy, family responsibilities and health concerns.

Financial stress is pervasive in that it can impact so many areas of your life, from sleep habits to interactions with friends and family to reduced productivity at work.

It’s one thing to be stressed out because you can’t find a job, but there are plenty of working Americans who are stressed out because of their occupation. Fortunately, now that jobs are on the rise, employers are having to compete for quality workers and many of them offer financial wellness programs.

Millennials, who represent about 25 percent of the U.S. population, report feeling the most stressed about financial issues. For recent college graduates, one of the most appealing benefits is a program that helps them pay down student loans.

Regardless of generation, sometimes just working on a financial plan to develop a financial strategy can help ease your financial stress as you work toward financial independence.