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Back to School Spending

The summer is coming to an end and bringing a time that most parents dread, back to school shopping. The stores are packed and parents can just see the dollar signs stacking up. Most kids MUST have the hottest brand clothing and shoes. Let’s not forget the designer school bags. Thankfully some school districts make things a little easier by enforcing uniform policies that helps lower the cost of name brand clothing. Read on for a few ways to cut some of the costs of children returning to school.

PerkUp Back To School Spending
One way to avoid taking a big hit in late July is to start early. As soon as your child’s school releases their supply list, start planning. You can break the list up and buy a little each time you get paid. Doing this will also help you avoid the hassle of dealing with the back to school crowds that are common towards the end of the summer.

Make sure you look around early sales and online promotions. Amazon event, Prime Day, is a huge way to help trim those costs a bit. Prime Day takes place early to mid-June and offers a wide array of deals and discounts. An added perk is that fact that you can do it in your pjs from the sofa! Other retailers like eBay, Macy’s and Apple offer “Black Friday in July” sales that help early shoppers as well.

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, shop around! Don’t just buy the first school bag your daughter says she has to have. Do your research and try to find a better deal on it. Same goes with school supplies. Compare prices between Store A and Store B. And don’t be afraid to ask if they will match the price. Most big box stores like Walmart and Target offer price match policies. Some even extend the policy for 14 days after your purchase. Pay attention to the local store ads!

School shopping is only as stressful and expensive as we make. Take your time and don’t rush purchases. You literally have all summer to get it done!