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PerkUp Prepares to Launch Covid-19 Assistance Initiative for Furloughed/Laid Off Hospitality Workers

PerkUp was scheduled to launch a New Orleans Workplace Employer Initiative pilot for hospitality workers in June 2020 with the support of the New Orleans Business Alliance, the Financial Health Network, the Conrad Hilton Foundation, and JP Morgan Chase & Co.  By assembling the New Orleans community and engaging with nonprofit organizations, city government, and local employers, the pilot aims to improve employee financial health in New Orleans. Due to Coronavirus, the project start date will be delayed until the end of 2020, but as the workforce gradually returns, there will be opportunities for major reinvention.

In the meantime, PerkUp will launch a Covid-19 Assistance Initiative.  PerkUp will provide the technology to deliver targeted economic assistance to furloughed/laid-off hospitality workers in New Orleans. Funding for the economic assistance is being provided by local and national philanthropic sources, and will likely include financial assistance for health insurance, food, transportation, rent and childcare.  One-on-one financial coaching will be available to employees via phone, Skype, or text.  Having this resource available can reduce financial stress for employees, help them better manage their finances, and stay up to date on assistance options available from federal, state and local sources.