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Simple Money Saving Tips

We all could use some extra cushion in our savings account. Savings is a crucial piece of your overall financial health, but it seems so much harder to do these days. I mean, did you see that the new iPhone just came out? The electricity bill can wait, right?! Not so fast … here are a few ways to save money that are painless and come without sacrifice.

The first thing you can do is reassess your household expenses. You can’t get around most of the household bills that you have, but you can make a few adjustments that may save you hundreds each year. The retail market is flooded with energy saving devices for your home. With many household appliances, you can actually save a lot of money over time if you choose the energy efficient versions. Another simple fix is to make sure that your home is properly sealed – no sense in air conditioning the neighborhood. While we’re talking about the AC, they even have programmable thermostats now that you can set at a higher temperature during the times you’re not home. Lets not forget about your cable bill, bundling TV, internet and phone usually comes with a cheaper price tag.

Another thing to look at are your guilty pleasures. That Caramel Frappuccino every morning just gets the day started on the right foot, even with a $6 price tag. Instead, try brewing your own coffee at home every morning. What about the people you work with? Do they always eat out for lunch? Don’t be afraid to tell them no! Depending on where you eat, bringing your lunch to work could save you $10 or more a day. The same goes for dinner at home – skip the take out and get the family involved in a good home cooked meal. You’ll see the money start building up after just a few weeks.

– The last tip doesn’t really require many changes on your part. We live in a virtual world now and there is literally an app for everything! Do you remember coming home from work and putting your change in a piggy bank? That doesn’t really happen anymore since plastic has become the every day norm. Well, technology has a solution for you. Some banks offer accounts that round up each purchase you make and transfer the difference to your savings account. There are also apps like Acorns and Qapital that do the same thing. Do your research and find a product that works for you.

At the end of the day, saving money should be easy and effortless. And hey, once you save up enough, you can get that new iPhone without feeling guilty!