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Why Labor Day is Important

Labor Day is a time to acknowledge and be thankful for the contribution of workers to the many labor rights now afforded Americans. We have come a long way from 12-hour days and children making up much of the labor force. But, how do we compare to other countries?

  • In the United States, many employers offer paid holidays, but in many European countries, a minimum of 20 paid leave days is legally required.
  • A full work week in America is 40 hours. Other countries have average work weeks of 30 hours, as in France, and 27 hours in the Netherlands.

Before you pack your bags and start looking for full-time employment in another country, take a look at some of the benefits we enjoy that others don’t.

  • The minimum wage in the U.S. is $7.25/hour, but Spain pays only $5.57/hour and Greece is at $5.06/hour.
  • Most countries in the world do have child labor laws. In America, laws are enforced, but other countries, such as Africa, Asia, and Latin America, often ignore the laws on the books.

As we continue to work hard for you and your family, please let us know what we can do assist you in meeting your financial goals.