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We continuously hear about the importance of physical health, emotional health and psychological health, but taking care of your financial health is finally starting to become a talked about trend.

Eat well and exercise and chances are you’ll live happier and longer. Indulge in destructive behavior and the contrary is true.  You may be healthy physically and yet be dropping the ball when it comes to being healthy financially.

Finances can work the same way as being physically heathy. Make smart, strategic moves today and, consequently, you’ll live with less worry and stress. If you make foolish financial moves, max out your credit cards and blow through every dollar you have, you’re guaranteed to suffer later. Does a flashy new car every year look as good if it means being completely broke when you’re 60?

People who plan ahead for expenses and save regularly are more likely to be financial healthy than those who don’t.  You don’t have to be wealthy to be financially healthy!

A well-stocked emergency fund feels as good as running up flights of stairs without getting winded — even if the build up to being able to complete isn’t always fun. It doesn’t happen overnight but can result in healthy habits over time just like physical health.

PerkUp was created to help educate users on smart financial decisions and actions to help avoid them from financial mistakes that can significantly affect them down the road.  We help inform our users to be aware, educated and prepared to take actions to enhance their financial future.

Remember, next time you work out or do something to keep you ‘healthy,’ remember, your financial health matters TOO.